Charity Gardens

We support dedicated charities as they harness the power of gardens to provide solace and hope to those living in deprived and vulnerable situations. The gardens are therapeutic in the short term and life-changing in the long term. Gardeners gain confidence and new qualifications, helping them back into work and enabling them to begin a career in horticulture.

From basil to pomegranate, mint, bay, sage and roses, our planting schemes always include ingredients from our scents. Each garden is filled with the scented plants and flowers that have inspired us the most. The history of our ingredients and their therapeutic attributes can be found throughout the gardens. They are places where the community can be part of something together, through learning and creating.

The Old English Garden, London
The first garden in London’s Battersea Park opened in 2012 and we continue to maintain its development today. The Old English Garden was created by UK charity Thrive with our donation and volunteer work. Thrive use gardening to change the lives of those living with physical disability and mental ill health. The team who created it and continue to care for it live with these challenges every day. Trainee gardeners, who would otherwise be unemployed, are enrolled in the programme for two years and 60% gain a vocational qualification. This means they can then be employed in the horticulture sector.

“Gardening is good for the soul. It slows you down and forces you to listen to nature. Thrive and Jo Malone London understand this and their work in promoting the restorative power of gardening is inspirational.” - Sarah Price, Garden Designer

Gil Hodges Community Garden, New York
We have partnered with Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project to restore and revitalise the Gil Hodges Community Garden. This fragrant garden is a beautiful scented retreat, designed especially to absorb rain water and provide relief in the area of Gowanus which can be severely flooded during major storms.Last year the project quickly grew with new gardens in Edinburgh, Liverpool and Dallas. And this year we look forward to working with a new charity as they open a new garden in Bristol.

“We are committed to building a vital community space that will reduce pollution, build critical habitat and protect water quality” - New York Restoration Project Executive Director, Amy Freitag

Redhall Walled Garden, Edinburgh
In Edinburgh, we have worked with SAMH at the Redhall Walled Garden to help them build a new herb garden and restore the round house. The garden is a place for peace; somewhere safe and supportive where trainee gardeners can come to terms with the complex and often life-long issues affecting them due to mental ill health.

“For the first time since I was ill, I had a sense that I was able to do something and a little spark of hope ignited… Redhall is a place where you can learn that you are still part of the human race and best of all gain ways of coping and nurturing yourself” – Redhall Gardener

Kirkdale Community Garden, Liverpool
In Liverpool we support the charity Rotunda at the Kirkdale Community Country Garden. Kirkdale is one of Europe’s most deprived neighbourhoods, sitting in the top 1% of impoverished areas. The garden was created as a means to reach out to the parts of the community that are hardest to connect with including young people and those with mental ill health

Larry G. Smith Elementary School Garden, Dallas
In Dallas we have supported REAL School Gardens in their creation and maintenance of a community learning garden at the Larry G. Smith Elementary School in East Dallas. The garden is an interactive learning tool for local school children and a beautiful scented haven for the whole community to enjoy.

“Thanks to Jo Malone London, while exploring Science, Math and Language Arts lessons, the school children will also be surrounded by the colours, sounds, and scents that make life-long memories” - REAL School Gardens Executive Director, Jeanne McCarty.

The Castle Park Physic Garden, Bristol
Our next charitable partnership will be with St Mungo’s Broadway, a national charity for homeless people, as they create a new garden in Bristol. Part of their ‘Putting Down Roots’ initiative, the garden and the therapeutic benefits of gardening are helping people to recover from the issues that create homelessness, to rebuild their lives and to create a pathway to full-time employment.

Working in the garden has helped me to imagine the future. I’m really looking forward to seeing this project through, gaining my qualifications and being able to say at the end of it, ‘I did that!” – Mark, St Mungo’s Broadway