White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Candle, Supporting Community gardens

We support dedicated charities as they harness the power of gardens to provide solace and hope to those living in deprived and vulnerable situations. This year the full recommended retail price (less VAT) from our White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Candle* will go towards the long term care of these gardens as well as cultivating new ones.

Opened in 2012, The Old English Garden in London’s Battersea Park was the first community garden and we continue to maintain its development today. The garden was created by UK charity Thrive (Charity Registration Number 277570) with our donation and volunteer work. Thrive use gardening to change the lives of those living with physical disability and mental ill health.

We donated to Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project enabling them to restore and revitalise the Gil Hodges Community Garden in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

We have worked with SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health. Charity Registration Number: SC008897) at the Redhall Walled Garden to help them build a new herb garden and restore the round house. The garden is a place for peace; somewhere safe and supportive where trainee gardeners can come to terms with the complex and often life-long issues affecting them due to mental ill health.

We work with the charity Rotunda (Charity Registration Number: 518951) at the Kirkdale Community Country Garden. Kirkdale is one of Europe’s most deprived neighbourhoods, sitting in the top 1% of impoverished areas. The garden was created as a means to reach out to the parts of the community that are hardest to connect with including young people and those with mental ill health.

We have supported REAL School Gardens in their creation and maintenance of a community learning garden at the Larry G. Smith Elementary School in East Dallas. The garden is an interactive learning tool for local school children and a beautiful scented haven for the whole community to enjoy.

We have partnered with St Mungo’s Broadway, a national charity for homeless people, to create a new garden in Bristol (Charity Registration Number: 1149085). Part of their ‘Putting Down Roots’ initiative, the garden and the therapeutic benefits of gardening are helping people to recover from the issues that create homelessness, to rebuild their lives and to create a pathway to full-time employment.

Locally we are working with the Whitworth Art Gallery to create their new Art Garden. The garden will offer visitors a chance to contemplate beauty outside as well as inside the gallery. It will be created and cared for by individuals who have suffered from mental ill health, supporting them as they reintegrate into the local community and establish stable, independent lives. The Art Garden will open in the summer of 2016.

*For each White Lilac & Rhubarb Candle sold in the UK, Jo Malone Limited will make a donation equal to the full recommended retail price of £42 (less VAT) to several charities. 47% of the donation will go to our newest charity partner, the Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester. The balance will be used for on-going garden maintenance, as follows: 16% to The Castle Park Physic Garden / St Mungo’s Broadway, Bristol; 10% to The Kirkdale Country Garden / Rotunda Limited, Liverpool; 11% to the Redhall Walled Garden / SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health), Edinburgh; and 16% to Thrive (Society for Horticultural Therapy) Old English Garden, Battersea Park, London.